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Helping Thousands of People to Be Healthy and Active

Born out of the idea of a businesswoman passionate about physical activity and the outdoors, Cardio Plein Air allows thousands of Quebecers to be healthy, active since the fall of 2000. Danielle Danault has been involved in coaching for more than 35 years while she is both an inveterate coach and a recognized speaker.

Appealing to her experience, her creative flair and her desire to get involved, she ventured where no one had gone yet. She was able to imagine and develop a concept of unique outdoor training programs.

Cardio Plein Air, a Concept That Has Come a Long Way

In August 2000, in Toronto, at the Annual Association of Exercise Professionals Conference, Canfitpro, a pan-Canadian organization of more than 5,000 fitness professionals, Health Minister Allan Rock launched a call to exercise professionals to innovate in fitness.

During this conference, Ms. Danault's mandate was to find a physical activity accessible to as many people as possible, in terms of skills and money, by using urban parks. She started up Cardio-Musculation, a cardio and bodybuilding program in her community, in the Longueuil Regional Park with 2 groups of 8 participants.

In 2001, to this concept was added the first program in Quebec for mothers, the original Cardio-Poussette.

After a dazzling rise in 2003, the company turned to the franchise formula to make the concept accessible to more people. Four years later, the Cardio Plein Air network has more than 24 franchises in Quebec.

At the dawn of 2009, the company expands its horizons and organizes a first tour-training tour. The initiative allows a group of customers to participate in a trip to Barcelona, ​​another great opportunity to train outdoors in an exotic setting. Subsequently, the company recidivated in Tuscany, Paris and Cannes as well as in Greece. Cardio Plein Air is moving to a new destination every 18 months.

In 2012, Ms. Danault publishes a second best-selling book at Éditions du Trécarré: "Cardio Plein Air: S'entraîner à ciel ouvert". This accomplishment gives a great visibility to the company which, since its creation, has deployed more than 8 training programs. These were created to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

In 2013, because the company and its team aims to improve constantly, Cardio Plein Air innovates once again by launching the program Cardio-Bambin. As part of this program, the parent and the child, between the ages of 3 and 5, train together. This program is part of the will of our government to make children active from an early age.

In 2017, an innovative concept on an international scale is born: the "Slow Move", now found in the Plein Air Zen program, which was reworked by Danielle Danault and her team of kinesiologists. That same year, Cardio Plein Air launched the Cardio-Nordique program to follow the trends initiated by the Scandinavian countries.

In the winter of 2018, it is Cardio-Raquette's turn to make an appearance. This program combines the practice of this award-winning winter sport by Quebecers with a fun and effective training.

Cardio Plein Air is proud to allow its franchise network to pass on their passion and the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits to more than 23,000 subscribers each year.

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