Being Healthy, Active

Our mission: your well-being

Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness ensures your well-being by offering innovative and accessible exercise programs in a fun and motivating experience, to make you active every day.

Our approach: accessible outdoor training

To be active every day, our franchise network offers:

  • Proven cutting-edge programs
  • A wide range of time slots from which you can create your own combination of programs
  • A solution tailored to your level of physical ability and interests
  • A semi-private group coaching formula
  • Dynamic and competent coaches who guarantee that you obtain the desired results, effortlessly
  • An enchanting training environment made up of urban parks

Training in the open air is more than going to play outdoors ... it's a smart choice!

Over the years, we have developed expertise to make the most of the urban environment in an enchanting setting, to provide you a healthy mind in a healthy body. This type of training enables:

  • Better oxygenation by fresh air in a natural environment
  • Increased muscle toning through greater stress on the deep muscles due to movement on an uneven surface
  • Increased cardiovascular activity through exercising by moving rather than in a closed room
  • A break in the routine due to seasonal changes and the variety of paths
  • A reduction of stress through contact with nature which provides healing and relaxation
  • A better balance due to movements on uneven ground (excellent in fall prevention)
  • A better immune system (less colds in winter)
  • Vitamin D synthesis when you train in daylight
  • Greater motivation due to the socialization aspect initiated and encouraged by the coaches

Our values

The pleasure

All our programs are designed with the goal of making each session a pleasant training experience that is short, provides a good dose of energy, fresh air and interesting exchanges. Our team pays special attention to details which makes the difference to ensure that this experience is enriching. Do not ask us why, week after week, year after year, our customers become enthusiasts and proud ambassadors!

The results

The quality of programs, the achievement of concrete results as well as the safety of participants are primordial for us. Moreover, all our coaches are carefully selected and trained to motivate and correct you in order to ensure maximum results while minimizing the risk of injury. In addition, each program is the outcome of a rigorous development process, based on serious studies on physical activity.

Being at the forefront

Our motivation to remain THE reference in outdoor training is reflected by sustained investments in monitoring and research throughout the world, as well as a constant development of innovative programs in fitness.

The proximity

As the seasons go by, chemistry develops between the coaches and participants. We take the time to know your personality, your pathologies and goals to adjust your program and help you achieve your results. The company is also constantly involved in the community by taking several initiatives to make the population active every day.


The person is the centre of our focus. Whether participants, members of the network, our partners, other users in the parks or the environment as a whole, Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness advocates respect for everyone.