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A simple solution to improve the health of
your employees and your business.

Educating your employees to adopt healthier lifestyles is a real investment.

You don’t have enough space to let your employees work out? Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness addresses this problem since our training programs are offered outdoors in parks and streets near your business. We always keep that in mind when we offer different services for businesses.


As an employer, your will benefit:

  • On strengthening the team spirit and the sense of belonging of your employees.
  • Diminution in absenteeism and musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Decrease in employee compensation.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Better customer service.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Solution to the lack of local availability.

A physically active
employee is 12%
more productive.


As an employee, you will benefit :

  • Improved immune system and energy level.
  • Higher concentration.
  • Diminution of stress and fatigue level.
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Decreased of several muscle pain.
  • Greater productivity in everyday life.

A professional team at the service of your company’s health.

Certified coaches that will:

  • Adapt to everyone’s condition.
  • Make correction for optimal results and less risk of injury.
  • Care about the progress of each participant.
  • Motivate participant while respecting them and their limitations.

Why Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness ?

  • Turnkey solution
  • Tailored for your needs
  • Low costs
  • No need for a space in your workplace
  • Optimization of employee time
  • Benefits of outdoor training.

Our team is waiting for you to create:

  • Mobilization
  • Team links
  • Results
  • Pleasure

See our services and rates lists, and join the hundreds of companies that have chosen Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness as a provider of physical activity in the workplace. Apply for a free training demonstration at your company by calling your local franchisee


Customized programs and training packages, flexible, for all conditions and tastes.


Active walk

Our certified trainers will accompany your group of employees once or twice per week on a certain route, with exercises of different intensities added to awaken and stimulate their creativity. This activity will create a social gain for your employees.


“Mega Work Out” group training

A 60 minutes training available to all your employees. This activity is open to all regardless of their age or physical condition. A great opportunity to get you moving all together.



Tailored for your needs and adapted to your employees interests.


Team building

Sports activities to help the collaboration between your employees. As part of a health day, the Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness team visits your workplace to offer services for all your staff. For this particular service, please call the main office at 1-877-327-5530.


Other services

Contact us to get our rates and options: – 1-877-327-5530


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Speaker’s list

See the list of our accredited speaker in select region.

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    Blainville - Mirabel - Rosemère

    Cardio Plein Air Mirabel-Rosemère

    Cindy Otis

  • Montérégie


    Montérégie - Longueuil

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