Danielle Danault

Going into business to better convey one's passion and provide benefits for thousands of people

Confirmed coach and recognized speaker, she was able to use her company to convey her passion to as many individuals as possible. Ms. Danault is known for her energy, quality of teaching and for her many appearances in the Quebec media, where she writes columns and promotes the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

A person with notable achievements

In short, Danielle Danault is...

  • A true leader
  • She is amongst the 5% of franchisee women in Quebec
  • As an understanding and fundamentally human employer, she offers her employees balance between work, family and study
  • Author of the bestseller "Ça suffit! La fin de la faim" with Éditions Logiques
  • Author of the best-seller "Cardio Plein Air: S’entraîner à ciel ouvert" with Éditions du Trécarré.
  • Founder of a network of 51 franchises present in 100 parks in Québec accounting for a customer retention rate of 80% with currently 23,000 annual subscriptions and a team of 300 physical activity professionals

A role model who inspires

This particularly combative entrepreneur was able to take the necessary risks and was perseverant enough to build her company, establish the credibility of the concept with the target customers, support its growth and lead to the resounding success it experiences today.

A change catalyst

Danielle Danault has not only revolutionized the world of physical exercise in Quebec, but has also been able to meet the pressing needs for new mothers by brightening up their parental leave with perfect fitness and socializing opportunities with the unique Cardio-Poussette program. Listening to her customers, she created Cardio-Bambin, a program allowing young parents to train together with their kids.

Having at heart the health of people, Ms. Danault uses physical activity as a primary tool in preventing cardiovascular diseases. She regularly lectures in companies and organizations on the benefits of physical activity on health. In short, she is really seeking to make a difference.

A citizen fully engaged in life

Danielle Danault is very active in the community. For example, she:

  • Acts as a mentor to her franchisees and several young business people from various fields
  • Has a "green" spirit that recommends the respect for the environment
  • Provides a living environment that promotes healthy lifestyles among employees: workstations with treadmills, bistro style meeting table to do standing meetings, meetings outdoors when the weather permits, Swiss ball office seats at workstations, free work-outs for all employees.
  • Mrs. Danault and her company have been repeatedly acknowledged and congratulated and have been awarded several prestigious awards related to its constant growth, its customer service and management of resources
  • Winner of the 2006 Golden Link Award from the Quebec Franchise Council
  • Finalist of the 2009 Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the year Award
  • Winner of the 2012 CCIRS Excellence Award
  • Winner of Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 (RFAQ)
  • Winner of the 2012 AGAL Excellence Award
  • Key Woman of the 2013 Women’s Entrepreneurship (First in Business)
  • Winner of the 2015 Women of Merit, YWCA of Montreal, Health and well-being category
  • Finalist in the 2016 Golden Link with the Quebec Franchise Council
  • Honorary Godmother of the 2017 Gala Evening of the Femmes d'affaires du Québec Award
  • Involved in several philanthropic projects and is socially responsible

Concerned about the well-being of the community, she together with Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness participate actively and financially in 3 causes which are dear to them:

  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada through the Marche de l’eSPoir (Super Cities Walk)
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Quebec through the Heart Walk
  • The Canadian Cancer Society through the Relay For Life