Cardio BootCamp

A weekly remedy for your thirst for intensity

During each Cardio BootCamp session you put yourself through the paces: yourself!
Developed for active and fit clients, Cardio-BootCamp helps participants excel by developing both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Our veterans will tell you that, Cardio-BootCamp enthusiasts motivate each other without comparing themselves.

What is it?

Providing a real sense of achievement related to the surpassing of oneself, each session breaks all monotony and propels you out of your comfort zone. You will see the significant results from this intense and comprehensive workout.

Statistical improvements (%)

  • Weight loss

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Muscle endurance

  • Flexibility

How does it work?

For a total duration of one hour fifteen minutes (1 h 15), Cardio-BootCamp sessions consist of an alternation of cardiovascular and muscular exercises in the form of pyramid workouts punctuated by a period of recovery jogging. The session ends with very intense strength training exercises to gain a lot of strength and see convincing results faster.

Equipment required

  • Exercise mat
  • Rubber band

Key benefits

  • Increased weight loss
  • Rapidly improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Produces visible results after a short time