Cardio Vitalité

At your own pace for a smooth progression

Cardio-Vitalité is an excellent introduction to open-air training and offers a carefree way to get in shape.

What is it?

Whether to recover from an injury or to work with limitations imposed by a pathology, this program is less intense than the Cardio-Musculation program.

Statistical improvements (%)

  • Weight loss

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Muscle endurance

  • Flexibility

How does it work?

Being a direct derivative of the Cardio-Musculation program, Cardio-Vitalité has the same characteristics, but at a slower pace. Familiarize yourself with our concept in all ease.

Equipment required

  • Exercise mat
  • Rubber band

Key benefits

  • Suitable for more sedentary people or those with a physical limitation, wishing to get into shape
  • Recommends a gradual and motivating approach for people who have just started exercising
  • Good preparation for the Cardio-Musculation program