Room Rental

Ideal for Receptions and Special Events

For your receptions and special events, we have all the necessary equipment to meet your requirements.

- 8 rectangular tables
- 24 chairs
- Free parking
- Cellular access
- 2 toilets
- Elevator
- Air conditioning
- Walls with mirrors
- Wireless Internet (on request)
- Onsite audio-visual equipment (additional charge)

We offer a rental by the hour for your event, or according to a pre-established schedule for several weeks for courses or trainings.

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Place: 1887, chemin du Tremblay, room 020 (basement), Longueuil, J4N 1A4

Pricing: $40 per hour (taxes included)

Availability: Everyday

For information or reservations, contact the Program Director at 450 646-3699 or 1 877 327-5530 or by email at info@cardiopleinair.ca.