No annual commitment: your seasons, at your pace!

Our veterans will tell you that trying Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness, is adopting it! That is why we do not require any commitment or annual subscription contract from you. We choose to offer flexibility and convenience to our loyal customers because we are confident of our formula that has proven itself. You can register for each season that suits you.

Participants pay only for seasons that interest them. To maximize the results of their workout, it is recommended to do at least 2 to 3 sessions of physical activity per week.

VIP Subscription

You want access to more flexibility and variety each week? You have a schedule that changes constantly, but still want to work out more than 2 times a week? You are also required to travel throughout Quebec within the framework of your work or personal life? Our VIP card will satisfy your needs.

The VIP subscription in concrete terms:

  • Provides all-round access to all programs on the schedule (except Cardio-Jogging, Cardio-Nordique and Cardio-Bambin where you must register in these programs)
  • Allows all-round access to all of our parks throughout Quebec
  • Suggests a more rapid achievement of the desired results than with a workout twice a week
  • Reduces the price per session

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Free Trial

We managed to pique your curiosity? Come and try one of our programs free of charge, just for a session, to see if it meets your workout expectations.

You must book your place by contacting the franchise in charge of the Park closest to you. A simple phone call is sufficient.

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Regular Subscription

Regular subscription entitles you to 2 workout sessions per week and allows you combine the programs of your choice available on the schedule. The subscription fee varies depending on the number of weeks that is between 8 and 14, depending on the season.

A workout session with regular subscription costs only $ 7,35 tax inclusive for a semi-private workout plus a minimal subscription fee. At Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness, our prices do not include any hidden charges.

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The à la carte option; presence at the session

As our purpose is to allow a maximum of people to be healthy, active, and since we are aware that regular physical activity can discourage some, we offer the option to pay during the session.

For a fee of $ 15 tax inclusive, per person, you can have access to any workout program. You just need to confirm your presence with the franchise in charge of the park you want to visit.

Please note that this offer does not apply to the Cardio-Jogging, Cardio-Nordique and Cardio-Bambin programs.

Request for an à la carte reservation

Limited Membership Once a Week

The Limited Membership Once a Week is available for purchase one week before the beginning of each session, thus the choice of workout programs and spaces in schedule are consequently reduced. You are allowed to do one workout a week. The Cardio-Jogging and Cardio-Bambin (Toddler) programs are excluded from the Limited Membership Once a Week offer. The cost of this membership varies from one session to another, of either 10 or 14 week sessions.

A workout with the Limited Membership Once a Week costs $10,75 plus taxes for a semi-private training, plus minimum registration
fees. At Cardio Plein Air / Outdoor Fitness our pricing contains no hidden fees.